Bisila Bokoko makes her 1st appearance as Ambassador of Foodie Channel TV.

Founder and chairperson of The Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project (BBALP), Bisila Bokoko made her 1st TV appearance as the new ambassador to the Foodie TV Channel. Jose Manuel Semper was the celebrity chef who participated with Bisila during the show. Teresa Rico, the Director of Foodie Channel TV and Maria Jose Rico, CEO and Founder of the online channel were all in attendance. Celebrity stylist Amparo Chorda styled Bisila for the show while make up artist Elvira gave Bisila a soft and gorgeous look. The show was done at the Les Monges hotel in Alicante, Spain and the owner, Pedro Picazo was amazing giving the shoot his full support. If you ever visit Spain, please do check out the Les Monges hotel. For now, please do enjoy a few images from the TV show with Bisila and the entire crew on set.


MG_3247 Makeup done and microphone ready. Bisila all dressed up for her 1st TV appearance on the Foodie Channel TV


MG_3390 Celebrity chef Jose Manuel Semper taking Bisila throughthe menu they will be cooking


MG_3375 Lovely energy! Maria Jose Rico, Bisila Bokoko and Teresa Rico


MG_3386 Bisila pictured in the middle with the entire team


For more details on Bisila Bokoko, please join her Facebook Page: Bisila Bokoko To learn more about the Foodie Channel TV, visit

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